A Bar Of Soap Can Apparently Give You Perfect Kilay

Women are sharing the results on Instagram!
PHOTO: Instagram/shainaa_m

When it comes to achieving flawless eyebrows, we’ll try anything at least once. And while we can say we’ve more or less figured out the best way to do our kilay, we won’t say no to new tricks either!

The latest to come to our attention? Using regular bar soap to bulk up sparse brows. Here’s a demo from one of the authorities in perfect eyebrows, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Simple, right? You just wet a clean spoolie brush, rub it around a bar of soap, then brush your brows up to coat each strand. According to Marie Claire, this works because “the waxy texture of a transparent soap builds up and feathers the texture of the hair to give the illusion of fuller brows.” Finish by filling in your arches with your fave brow product.

Hesitant? The 420 posts on Instagram under “soapbrows” might convince you. See the effects of this trick on different women!

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