Song Ji Hyo Of 'Running Man' Has A New TV Show For Beauty Lovers

A natural move for an actress who's #BeautyGoals!
PHOTO: Banila Co.

Long-time fans of Korean variety show Running Man know Song Ji Hyo as the program’s lone female cast member—she’s the Ace who never backs down from a challenge and whose sharp skills often get her ahead. Plus, she’s that rare kind of Korean actress who won’t hesitate to appear on television without any makeup (Running Man’s early-morning missions are proof of that), which makes us love her even more.

Of course, she’s still a celebrity who’s no stranger to getting glammed up for red carpet events and photo shoots, which is why her latest project makes a lot of sense!

Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty View is a new talk show from Korean network JTBC2. As the name suggests, it focuses on anything and everything related to beauty, from makeup tips to upcoming products to interesting trends.

Each episode has segments that would appeal to novices and experts alike—there’s a portion where celebrity guests share their beauty secrets, another where real girls try out trendy looks and learn from a makeup artist, and even humorous skits that revolve around primping and prettifying. There are also quite a few fashion tips and forecasts, too!

As an added treat, idol-slash-actor Gong Myung of 5uprise joins Ji Hyo for emcee duties. He’s definitely eye candy for a lot of fan girls, we think. ;)

Will you be adding this show to your list? We know we are!

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