Sunnies Studios Now Has A Makeup Line!

We can't wait to see everything!
PHOTO: Instagram/sunniesface

Stay glued to your phones on August 8, 2018, because Sunnies Studios will reveal ~*everything*~ about their latest baby, Sunnies Face!

As of writing, we can only assume they're launching lipsticks—the first few photos have been of an unnamed red shade.

Martine Cajucom shared a bit of info about their brand's latest venture in an IG story:

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Apparently, the It Girls, have been wearing their products for the past few weeks! 

Here's Martine wearing a terracotta lippie. She tagged Sunnies Studio's IG account on her pout. Sneaky, sneaky!

And here's Georgina Wilson with a tagged pout, too!

Bea Soriano-Dee has also gamely posed with Georgina wearing Sunnies Face lipsticks.

Now Sunnies Face is finally here (well, technically, on August 8, 2018)!


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