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The Genius Hack To Keep Your Lipstick In Place All Day

No to feathering and bleeding, please!

As much as we love wearing bold and bright lippies, there’s always the thought of feathering and bleeding lip colors that threatens us from applying makeup in the first place. Smeared lipstick in the middle of the day? No, thank you.

We’ve tried a lot of fixes: lip liner, concealer, foundation, powder, and more. While these did work in prolonging the wear of our rouge pouts, the colors eventually smudge after the day ends. Not really classy, eh?

Makeup artist Kelly Hanna Thompson told that her secret to keeping lipstick in place is by using a clear brow wax pencil around the lips to create a solid barrier. GENIUS! Don’t you just love multitaskers?

Do you have any more hacks to keep your makeup in place all day? Let us know by commenting below!

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