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These Are The Prettiest And Most Expensive Lipsticks Ever!

Behold, the new Christian Louboutin lippies.

Attention beauty girls! In case you still have “buy a pair of Louboutins” in your bucket list, you might want to edit it to “get a tube (or five) of Louboutin lipsticks” instead:

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The brand’s first line of lipsticks features 36 different shades in Silky Satin, Velvet Matte, and Sheer Voile finishes. The beautifully crafted bullets are inspired by artworks from Babylonian and Egyptian architecture. To us, they look like pretty little weapons we can use to stab our cheating boyfriend's heart with, and we want them in all the shades.

The lipstick can also be used as a pendant. The cap has a ring on top, where you can thread in a ribbon. It’s multi-functional, you guys!

Here’s the catch though: each tube will cost $90—just a little over P4,177! Let that sink in first.

Do you still want it? Do you really still want it? Because we kinda still do, tbh.

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