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This Guy Makes The Funniest Makeup Tutorials Ever

'This is a full coverage, so coverage means you're covering your age. I'm 16, so I gotta look two!'

16-year-old Internet star Bretmanrock’s videos and photos have taken over our social media feeds, and we’re not complaining! His hilarious posts may make you laugh out loud, but he makes so much sense! Here are some of our favorites posts, along with important beauty lessons we picked up:

1. ~*Flawless*~ brows are EVERYTHING, and it is our duty to help a sister out, even if it means doing it in church. Goodwill, right?

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2. When it comes to getting brow treatments, you know better than to trust anyone:

3. False lashes are life-changing!

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4. Wearing falsies out tonight? Only go for the best lash glue out there that can “stand a hurricane, tsunami.”

5. Makeup addict? You better make sure to keep everything organized! We are drooling over his setup!

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6. Easiest way to nail contouring? Blend!

He also did this full makeup tutorial! Our favorite line? “This is the MAC Prolong Wear Foundation because I like them pro and long. This is a full coverage so coverage means you’re covering your age. I’m 16, so I gotta look two!”

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