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This Is How To Make Matte Lipsticks Work For You

Don't be scared of the matte lip!

Matte lipsticks are quite evil. Because of their dry formula, they usually leave our puckers looking parched, showing every imperfection on our lips. They're also a bitch to apply!

But even with all the downsides to wearing matte lippies, we just can’t seem to get enough of them. They’re incredibly long lasting and come in the prettiest colors. Plus, if applied the right way, they can leave us looking really, really good. 

Don't know how to make matte lippies work for you? Follow these six steps and you'll ace application in no time:

1. Exfoliate. The key to nailing a matte lip is by starting with a smooth base. After brushing your teeth, rub your toothbrush against your lips to slough off dead skin. You can also make your own lip scrub by combining brown sugar and olive oilwhich is a great alternative to expensive and chemical-infused lip scrubs.

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2. Use a lip balm. Your lips will need as much moisture as they can get before you swipe on your lippie. Apply a thin layer of hydrating lip balm on your puckers and then go ahead with the rest of your makeup routine to let the balm set. Once you’re done with the rest of your face, take a piece of tissue and blot away any excess oils from your lips.

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3. Skip the lip brush. Try applying the lipstick from the tube on your lips. Use the tip of the lipstick and draw an “x” on your upper lip to bring out your Cupid’s Bow. Then proceed to line and fill in the rest of your lips. Doing this trick will also bring out the color of your lipstick.

4. Line right after. Take a lip liner that’s almost the same—if not the same—color as your lipstick and then line your lips after application. This will make your lips appear fuller.

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5. Blot. Just to make sure your lippie stays on all day long.

6. Outline with concealer. Take the tiniest concealer brush that you own and load it with a bit of concealer. Apply on your outer lips to clean out the edges.

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