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This Is The Right Way To Apply Brow Mascara

We've been living a lie.

It’s no secret that using brow mascaras is probably the easiest and most convenient way to thicken arches—just a few swipes and you'll be looking at brows instantly #OnFleek.

The question is, however: Are you applying it the right way?

If you’ve been applying brow mascara by brushing the wand through your brow hairs, following their natural direction like a normal human, you’re doing it all wrong.

Makeup Stylist for NARS Archibald Tolentino explains, “I brush it first against the direction of the hairs to work in the product on the hairs underneath. Then I brush it back according to the natural growth of the hair. That way, you cover each strand of hair.” This trick is particularly important if you have thick and bushy brows.

We’ve been living a lie, you guys.

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Have You Tried Using Brow Mascara?

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