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This Viral Beauty Ad Will Make You Look Twice

An imaginative makeup ad that's powerful without the product shots.

It usually feels like we've seen it all when it comes to makeup commercials.

However, Japanese cosmetic leaders Shiseido gave a good twist on the traditional "this lipstick will make you sexy" spin.

Since first showing earlier this month, their latest video ad has gone viral with over 8 million views.

At first the campaign titled High School Girl? slowly follows a class of ordinary school girls, leaving you wondering where it's going. But one minute in a dramatic transformation is revealed:

"Did you notice all the guys in the classroom?" the subtitles read as the video switches into reverse, picking up the tempo to show the power of Shiseido makeup. The models are made-under from girls back to guys. Even the teacher is in fact male.

The tagline? "Everyone can be pretty." It's powerfully simple.

Watch the High School Girl? behind the scenes video for a closer look at the making of the advert including the clever Shiseido products used.

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