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How To Make Your Undereye Concealer Look Natural

Here's how to achieve the 'no-concealer' concealer look.
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No matter how much we love a bright undereye on a full-glam look, it's not the most natural-looking technique out there. So if you prefer for your concealer to look like skin rather than, well, concealer, you might need to approach its application a little differently. Below, makeup artist Czari Domingo shares her step-by-step guide to achieving a barely-there dark circle cover-up:

  1. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone.

    According to Czari, that popular technique of using a concealer lighter than your natural skin tone will make the product stand out, so if you're going for a natural look, find a perfect match. The undertone is important, too—using a cool-toned shade on warm-toned skin will make your undereye look gray!

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  2. Let the product sit on your skin.

    Czari says that giving your concealer time to settle before blending has two benefits: 1) You get more coverage; and 2) the product adheres better onto your skin. Letting it sit for around a minute should do the trick! You can do your brows or mascara while you wait. This only works if your undereye is well-prepped with moisturizer or eye cream, otherwise the concealer will no longer blend and the area will look cakey.

  3. Blend well.

    Whether you're using your fingers, brush, or a sponge, the most important thing to remember when blending undereye concealer is to tap and not rub. Tapping on the concealer diffuses the product without losing coverage, while rubbing does the opposite.

  4. Add a lighter shade only to the inner half.

    Don't dispose of your highlighting concealers just yet, because they do have a practical use for a "no-concealer" concealer look. Czari recommends applying a color slightly lighter than your skin tone on the inner half of your undereyes, which is usually the darkest area. This will lift and subtly highlight the center of your face and make you look more wide-awake!

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  5. Set it immediately.

    Once you finish blending your concealer out, don't wait any longer—grab your favorite setting powder and lock it in. The makeup artist explains that if you wait any longer, it'll start naturally creasing and settling into fine lines and appear more visible. You can either lightly sweep some powder over the area with a brush or do the baking method (a.k.a. patting a ton of loose powder under the eyes to "cook") for a more airbrushed finish.

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