10 Reasons Why We're Obsessed With Asian-Australian Beauty Vlogger Wengie

Her amazing hair's def one of them.
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YouTube beauty and lifestyle vlogger WengieWendy Ayche IRL—started her YouTube page in 2010. Today, she has over 1.2 million followers on her main channel and over 80,000 on her newly-launched daily vlogging channel.

We got a chance to sit down and chat with the Chinese-Australian blogger while she visited the Philippines for the first time at the YouTube Fanfest 2016. Here, 10 (out of the MANY) reasons why we’re so obsessed with her:

1. She learned makeup all by herself, but the interest in beauty started at a very young age.

“I used to raid my mom’s makeup purse when I was young. She didn’t wear makeup much, but whatever she had, I would get it and force her to do a makeover with me,” she said. She never took professional makeup classes, but learned everything from the internet. “The internet is a great resource!” she added.

2. She took a huge risk by starting her YouTube page.

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In an interview with Tubefilter, Wengie revealed that one of the toughest—but most fulfilling—things that she has done is to quit her six-figure day job to pursue YouTube. “I was at an amazing job earning six figures, so it was an extremely hard decision to makebut one that I don’t regret at all. When you get in a position where you put everything on the line for this one dream, you treat your channel differently. YouTube became something I thought about literally every waking moment,” she said. #YESTORISKS!

3. She values her viewers.

Before YouTube, Wengie was also running a blog about style. “Going on YouTube was like taking it [blogging] to the next level. Seeing and doing things visually just made it so much easier to teach things to people.” She added that what kept her on the video platform was definitely the community. “I fell in love [with the community]! Every time someone says ‘Thank you so much for this!’ I think, ‘Aww, I’ll do another video!’ It’s so encouraging,” she said.

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4. She’s tackled issues other people would never talk about.

One of our fave videos by far is this one, where she openly talked about birth control. (You go girl!) She’s also published a video to answer one of the most common questions YouTubers get: how much money they make.


5. Her life story is very inspiring.

In the 90s, Wengie’s parents left China to live in Australia. She was four years old when she was finally reunited with them. They struggled to make ends meet, but in retrospect, she believes that’s exactly why she learned to be so imaginative and creative. In this emotional video, she shared, “One very important lesson my parents taught me is you can come from nothing and create a very good life for yourself.”  

6. She admits to getting tired of constantly producing content, but she keeps going.

“I do nine videos a week, and I do it all by myself,” she said. “It’s more of my obligations for my fans and viewers to make these videos—that’s what keeps me going. It’s this reason that keeps pushing you further, because that’s more than just for yourself. Find that reason for you and you’ll feel inspired to do it versus you’re forced to,” she added.

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7. She explores both Asian and Western beauty trends.

Wengie shares that she doesn’t limit herself to cosmetics that are available in Australia. “One of the best things about the modern world is that you can order online!” She reveals that she buys a lot of Korean and Japanese makeup to try out. Some of her favorites are Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Brow Mascara (so she doesn’t have to bleach her brows) and Beauty People lip tint.

8. She’s been supporting a Filipino child’s education for the past couple of years.  

“My friend introduced me to the program. You can sponsor children from all over the world through Compassion, and I picked a little Filipino kid because she was so cute and sweet. I want to make a difference,” she said.

9. She’s 100% passionate about what she’s doing.

As part of her plans to grow her career, Wengie just recently started daily vlogging. As for her other goals, she explains, “I want to focus on myself this year. I want to grow more and to also make better content.”

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10. Her hair is seriously #goals.

Wengie's famous for her ever-changing bright-hued locks, and we HAD to know her secrets. “Use Olaplex! It’s made a difference in my hair condition. You can go blonde and have still have good hair,” she said.  “Know that it’s the biggest commitment, too! It’s like marriage. You need to do your roots every three weeks, and your hair is not gonna feel the same. It’s gonna feel like straw, but it’s gonna look amazing,” she added.

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