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Women Are Putting On Makeup To Look Hungover

But why?

Here’s a beauty trend we never thought would ever come: women are actually putting on makeup to look like they’re hungover.

The strange beauty trend is huge in Japan and is called “byojaku,” which means sickly. To achieve this look, women use a generous amount of cream blush above the cheeks and right below the eye area, to make them look like they’re not feeling well. Others even match this makeup look with wet, disheveled hair. Yikes. 

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There are even tutorials on YouTube for women who want to try this trend, like this one:

Some even go further and also create the illusion of having puffy and tired eyes. This technique is called “aegyo sal,” originally from Korea.

We’re still a little confused why these are trends, especially with the amount of products out there to hide any traces of tiredness, but hey, makeup was made to have fun with!

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