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WTF? Feet Contouring Is Happening

This trend has literally gotten out of hand.

Out of all the contouring trends that we’ve seen so far, this is probably the weirdest one. Say hello to feet contouring:

Okay, maybe we *kind of* see why people would try this—we’re all, in some way, obsessed with getting prettier feet.

It’s genius how she created shadows on her toes to make them appear longer and slimmer, but at the end of the day, feet contouring is only good for photos and videos. Contouring your ~*wide*~ feet won’t make them magically slimmer to fit into narrow shoes! Plus, can you imagine wearing makeup on your feet while wearing sandals? Your feet sweat! Makeup melts because of sweat. Gross!

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Our takeaway from this? Get shoes that fit your feet perfectly! 

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