Ylona Garcia Proves Morenas Can Wear Colorful Makeup

Looking fab, girl!
PHOTO: Instagram/mikkamarcaida

There's an outdated belief that Pinays with morena skintones can't wear colorful makeup. We're calling bullsh*t on that because Ylona Garcia, a morena kween, just proved that anyone can sport color wherever they like on their face!

Take her fun ~monochromatic lilac makeup look~, as an example. She wore the pastel shade on her eyes, cheeks, and lips, and it emphasized the warm, golden undertones of her skin.

Just look at her cheekbones drenched in sparkling lavender!

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Here's an even closer look:

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Even from afar, it looks ~*fresh and pretty*~.

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Ready to try colorful highlighters now? If you want to keep it ~*low-key*~, make sure the rest of your face is simple to emphasize the beaming shade on your cheekbones and brow bone. ;)

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