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You Know What You Should Try This Season? 3D Lips

Do not panic! It's not that intimidating.

Looking for a new way to amp up your lipstick game, without being OA (read: too sparkly, or shiny, or weird?) Why not try rockin' three-dimensional, sculpted lips for the season? You'll only need three things: lip liner, lipstick, and gloss.

Step 1. Use a lip liner that's about the same shade as your puckers, and outline your lips. Makeup artists use this technique, and you should, too!

Step 2. Take a lip brush and blend the liner towards the center of your mouth.

Step 3. Load up your brush with lipstick (use a shade that's a little lighter than your lips), and blend it right at the center of your mouth.

Step 4. Apply lip gloss at the center of your lips. 

The logic here is that the middle part of your puckers is the thickest part of your lips, so that's where light usually hits (notice how all the steps above emphasize that you should blend the pigment towards the center of your lips?).


Lip gloss highlights and illuminates that part, making your puckers super pop! The result? Subtle, sexy, look-at-me lips!

Happy kissing under the mistletoe!

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