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Michelle Dy Reveals How Makeup Empowers Her To Overcome Insecurities

“If you accept your flaws, they will not affect you anymore.”
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Being one of the OG beauty vloggers, Michelle Dy has come a long way in serving us ~lewks~ on her channel. But behind her vlogs, Michelle also dealt with a lot of things like her own insecurities—not to mention hurtful comments from bashers. “Before, I was insecure with my morena skin,” she shares in an exclusive interview. Michelle also reveals some mean comments she received: ‘Ang dumi mong tignan’,Ang laki ng mukha mo for the screen,' and ‘Walang substance, puro lang beauty,’ to mention a few.

But Michelle says she’s already moved on from the negativity. “In my ten years of being a beauty vlogger, ang dami kong growth and naging discoveries about myself. I learned how to deal with bashers and haters. I learned how to accept myself and improve my skills in makeup and skincare.” Her advice: “If you accept your flaws, they will not affect you anymore.”

Thanks to her friends’ encouragement, Michelle continues to share her love for makeup through vlogging. She has also found her new fave beauty brand: Sace Lady. “Makeup products, when used the right way, can boost your confidence. It can transform your aura! With Sace Lady, I can [improve my] self-confidence and self-esteem in a very affordable way. Di ko kailangan bumili ng sobrang mahal just to achieve the look I want,” she says.

Below, we rounded up Michelle’s makeup must-haves from Sace Lady:

1. Sace Lady Pro Eyebrow Pencil

This retractable pencil does the job of shaping and filling in your kilay. There’s a brush on the other end so you can groom your brows and blend the pencil color in for a natural-looking finish.

Sace Lady Pro Eyebrow Pencil, P215, Lazada

2. Sace Lady Matte Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

From muted browns to metallic shimmers, this 12-shade palette lets you experiment with lots of wearable eye makeup ~lewks~. And did we mention they’re all easy to blend?

Sace Lady Matte Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette, P399, Lazada

3. Sace Lady Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Want to make a statement? Do it through your eye makeup. With this liquid eyeliner, you can draw bold lines on your lids to add more drama and dimension to your LOTD.

Sace Lady Liquid Eyeliner Pen, P219, Lazada

4. Sace Lady Volume Curl Mascara

It is no secret that full, fluttery lashes can make your eyes come alive! You can easily achieve it using this volumizing mascara. It helps lengthen and curl up your lashes sans clumping!

Sace Lady Volume Curl Mascara, P209, Lazada

5. Sace Lady Liquid Blusher

Call this lightweight liquid blush your new BFF! With just a simple dab, it can effortlessly give your skin a ~dewy~ glow. Choose from colors like Puppy Love (soft pink), Sunkissed (coral), Gypsy Lady (dark pink), and Cupcake (medium pink).

Sace Lady Liquid Blusher, P359, Lazada

Learn more makeup tricks from Michelle herself by watching her latest vlog below:

Sace Lady offers affordable and quality makeup products that will help you stay true to your aesthetic. Be yourself even when you experiment with different looks. For more inspo, follow Sace Lady on Facebook.

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