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6 Surprising Things That Cause Wrinkles

OK, we're officially ditching straws for life.

1. Metallic sunglasses

“Those aviators with the metal frames,” beauty expert Raychel Wade pointed out in an interview with AOL. “They reflect light and can give you little burns on your cheeks, which in time can cause wrinkles.”

Solution: When shopping for sunnies, choose designs with non-metal frames, like plastic or wood.

2. Waxing facial hair

According to Cosmopolitan UK, occasional waxing is harmless, but skin that gets waxed frequently will get stretched to some degree from the continuous action.  

Solution: Find a professional wax technician who will remove the wax strip with as little skin movement as possible. If you’re going DIY, keep this technique in mind. 

3. Sipping with a straw

Our habitual facial movements contribute to natural facial wrinkles, such as frown or laugh lines around our mouth and crow’s feet around our eyes. But there are other daily habits that add insult to the injury in the long run—like using a straw. According to a beauty investigation by Huffington Post, habitual straw drinking causes us to purse our lips and create wrinkles from the repetitive muscle motion.

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Solution: Environmentalists have been fighting for the ban of plastic straws to reduce eco waste, so why not join this movement—even if your underlying reason is vanity?

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4. Your gadgets

According to Prevention, “our phones and tablets may be partly to blame for the wrinkles below our chin.” Repetitive muscle motions contribute to wrinkles in the long run, so the way you cock your neck at an unusual angle or look down at your handheld gadgets may increase your forehead, chin, neck, and under eye wrinkles.

Solution: Take a page off #TitasOfManila and start holding your iPhone at eye level or use a tablet stand to help you view your iPad in a more ergonomic way. Nicole Romero of Beauty and Sparkle explained that these habits help your face relax more and prevent premature facial wrinkles.

5. Perfecting your cat eyeliner

Do you stretch your eyelids to apply the perfect cat eye or basic eyeliner? Do you tug hard when removing eye makeup? These makeup habits create wrinkles in the long run, especially since the skin around our eye area is thin and delicate.

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Solution: “When applying eye makeup, avoid tugging the eye area,” said Pinay makeup artist Bambi Dela Cruz. Practice applying eyeliner without pulling your skin taut—yes, it’s possible! “When applying concealer, use a gentle tapping motion with your ring finger. Invest in good quality eye cream to take care of the delicate skin under your eyes,” Dela Cruz added. When removing stubborn makeup, especially waterproof mascara and eyeliner, use potent makeup removers that melt the makeup away, making it easy for you to gently wipe everything off.

6. Your pillow

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Dr. Goesel Anson defined sleep wrinkles as “the lines that are formed when the face is compressed against a pillow night after night and they occur in predictable locations based on fixed anchor points that hold the skin to bone.” Sleep wrinkles disappear immediately on younger skin, but eventually become permanent from constant compression and decreased skin elasticity as we age.

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Solution: Are you a side or front sleeper? There’s a growing debate on the effectiveness of those anti-wrinkle pillows or satin sheets, so try to train yourself to sleep on your back. But because our unconscious sleeping habits are difficult to monitor, you need a consistent anti-aging skincare routine to curb the possibilities of developing sleep wrinkles as you age.

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