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Bad Beauty Habits You Need To Break

We also tell you why and how!

1. Pulling out white and dead hair

Why you should stop it: Drea Zulueta, creative director of Piandré Salon warns, “Dead and white hair have definite life spans. Those follicles won't grow back once you pull them out.”

What you can do about it: Schedule an appointment with your stylist to dye silver roots, and nourish fried tresses. If you're brave (and skillful) enough to DIY, try an at-home hair color that covers gray hairs.

2. Not loving your natural hair texture

Why you should quit it: Paula Abjelina, a marketing manager in a digital advertising agency shares, “For years, I dreaded my roots growing back. I'd enjoy six months of frizz-free hair, thanks to rebonding, then my real hair would start growing back. Every time I’d look in the mirror, I’d think ‘How can anyone think this is real’? One day, I snapped. Pagod na ako mag-pretend. So I just let it go. I found that I was born to be curly. It takes a certain kind of personality to walk out with big hair. Literally, dapat you don’t care. I’ve never been happier!”

What you can do about it: Load up your curls with masks and conditioners to make them bouncy and frizz-free all the time.


3. Tweezing ingrown hairs

Why you should quit it: Forcing ingrown hairs out will tear your skin, creating an open wound. You’ll be prone to infection, and this will just make the problem worse.

What you can do about it: Place a warm compress on the clogged follicle, exfoliate the surface gently, and dab an ointment with salicylic acid to let it heal. 

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