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Here's The Simplest Korean Skincare Routine You'll Ever Try

It's literally as easy as 1,2,3.
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We all assume that diving into Korean skincare is excessive. We think it requires two bottles of serums, three types of cleansers, a ~cool~ toner, beauty water, and maybe two tubs of face creams. But one beauty brand aims to make K-beauty simple for every PinayAlthea Korea released their namesake skincare line, Bare Essentials. It focuses on the fundamental concepts of Korean skincare: Cleanse, prep, and hydrate. 

All three products are packed with skin nourishing ingredients that switch on your glow—a popular Korean skincare payoff. The best part? Nothing costs over P650! Find out more below:

The Contour Cleanser promises to get rid of dirt, exfoliate dead skin, and improve skin elasticity on your face. 

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Contour Cleanser, P300, Althea

This beauty water acts like a toner + essence that plumps up the skin. It also preps the face for makeup application.

Primer Water, P550, Althea

Massage this oil-free cream on the face as the last step. It prevents moisture loss and hydrates for 24 hours! It also promotes collagen regeneration, aka delay signs of aging.

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The Fixer Cream, P640, Althea

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