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I Got A Facial For The First Time To Help Reduce My Acne

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If you find that your face is breaking out more than usual and your skincare routine isn’t helping, it might be time for a facial. We know it sounds scary to leave your delicate complexion in the hands of a stranger, but getting the right treatment done by a professional can actually yield amazing results.

To prove our point, we asked our Editorial Assistant, Ysa Singson, to try one of Belo Medical Group's popular facials: Glycopeel Cleaning. Find out if it made any difference in her skin!

Name: Ysa Singson

Age: 27

Occupation: Editorial Assistant

Skin type: Oily and acne-prone 

Facial: Glycopeel Cleaning

Price: Starting from P1,320, with a consultation fee of P600


I've always had an oily and acne-prone complexion, so I wanted to see if this facial would improve my skin's appearance.

Before the big show, I had a consultation with one of their dermatologists to assess my skin issues and skin type. This part of the process made me feel more relaxed because it reassured me that they won't just blindly go in and poke around my face.

After 15 minutes, they started to clean my face and gently dried it with a towel. Then, they applied a glycolic solution—it felt tingly!—to soften my whiteheads and blackheads. After the solution worked its ~*magic*~, they steamed my face to open up my pores and began to extract my zits. It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be—meaning, I didn't cry!

To alleviate some of the inflammation, they gave me a Cryoslush treatment to help my skin calm down. The facial was then completed with a layer of sunblock to protect my skin from the harsh rays of the sun.


After the 45-minute facial, my face was reallyyyyyy red, which I expected because my complexion easily gets flushed. But they did give me ice to help further reduce the redness.


Being a "facial virgin," I was a bit anxious about the whole process. But after everything, I can't believe how incredibly soft and smooth my skin is! I also noticed that my acne marks look lighter and that my overall complexion looks clearer. I will definitely try this again when I feel like my complexion needs a nice, deep clean.

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