Brazilian Vs. Au Naturel

Wondering about going all bare "down there"? Our Style & Beauty columnist shares some trivia that would help you decide if a Brazilian is for you.
Long before the Brazilian model invasion came to Manila, the Brazilian wax was a kinky little secret people like myself swore by for ultimate southern freshness but never dared to announce.

It was the year 2000 when my little “Miss V” was first Brazilian-ized, as I had to learn how to incorporate the “permanent wedgie” into my models’ wardrobe: the thong! Since then, going Brazilian bare and breezy on the rear from G-strings have become as integral as my skincare regimen.

Nowadays, Brazilian waxing has become more readily accepted. So if you’ve been debating whether to go bare or be square, ask yourself: who are you getting it for primarily, yourself or your partner? Hmmm... Obviously there’s a fine line between personal preferential hygiene and sexual gratifications. Well, whatever the reason is, these trivia might help:

1. Babe Got A Bush? If you have a bikini line that extends beyond the rims of your underwear and you love to wear sexy lingerie or swimwear, spare everyone visual shock by waxing, rather than shaving. Shaving does not pull at the root, and because genital strands are thicker, the visible stubbles will create unflattering shadows in the groin area.

2. Ditch The Blade. Shaving makes genital hair growth thicker and longer in just 24 hours. What’s worse? Hair growth causes uncontrollable itching you do NOT want to be seen dealing with publicly (or even in private—sooo not sexy!).

3. Hair So Fine! Brazilian or bikini waxing not only makes genital hair grow back much thinner and softer, but with continuous sessions (once a month for bikini area), you’ll find less hair growing back without any itch!

4. Skip Your Period. Pain is definitely a biatch so skip waxing appointments a few days before, during (you can if you’re a tampon user), and after your period.

5. Go Pro. Salon waxing pros do it quick and you won’t even need to go through certain areas again. Hence, there’s less pain.

6. Seal The Deal. Make sure to apply a very cold wash cloth immediately after every strip is pulled off, to not only close pores tightly but also to relieve pain.

7. Wax To White. Make sure your girl waxes the area around your genital area, like the groin and inner upper thighs, to remove dead skin and reveal instantly whiter skin!

8. Contrary to popular belief, not all men like their women bare as a baby’s bottom. Some find it strange a grown woman has a vajayjay of a little girl (stop your visual thoughts right there!). Other men, on the other hand, prefer their lassies hair-free for hygienically kinky reasons.

9. And yes…men get a Brazilian wax, too!
So, what’s your take on your little “Miss V?”

Some products/services you can try (see main photo):
Strip It! Cold Wax Removal Kits, P130 to P200.
Lay Bare Waxing Salon, P250 for Bikini Wax, P450 for Brazilian.
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