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Chubby Cheeks? This Facial Massage Might Make 'Em Look Slimmer

You only need a spoon.

Here's the truth: No matter how many times you exercise in a WEEK, if you were genetically #blessed with chubby cheeks, chances are, you'll have those for the rest of your life. But what if we told you that you can get chiseled cheekbones (a la Kim Kardashian!) without surgery or makeup contouring

And you only need two things: facial oil and a Chinese soup spoon (as in the same one you use when you eat ramen)!

Yep, Korean YouTube beauty vlogger Wengie recently demonstrated that you can get a more pronounced jawline just by massaging your face. All you have to do is apply oil to reduce friction, and gently spoon-massage using upward strokes for no more than 10 minutes.

The upward motion allows you to get firmer, tighter skin, because it lessens fluid retention in your face. Plus, the massage helps you get that elusive V-shaped jawline. According to Wengie, facial massages are a huge part of the Japanese and Korean beauty routine; even celebs there are trying out this trend!

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Makeup contouring is just way too much effort sometimes, so this actually sounds promising.

Would you try massaging your face with a spoon?

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