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We Dare You to Get Through This 'Chunks of Joy' Cyst-Popping Video Without Vomiting

Hope you didn't have cottage cheese for breakfast.
PHOTO: Youtube/Darryl Callaghan

Let's get popping this morning, shall we? This chunk-filled masterpiece comes to you courtesy of /r/popping, and though it was originally posted in June of last year, that hasn't stopped hardcore popping fans on commenting on its legitimate grossness.

To give you a sense of how disgusting the video you're about to watch is, one Redditor proclaimed this "the Oprah of popping. 'You get a chunk, and you get a chunk!' Make it raaaiiinnn.'" Another said, "This man's leg is full of cottage cheese. Large curd." Also, the thread is called "Chunks of Joy."

Is there a word for losing your appetite specifically for cottage cheese forever? Or just losing your appetite because the internet is a disgusting place? Or losing your appetite because a someone brought this to your attention first thing in the morning? Asking for myself, obviously.


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