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PSA: Your Deodorant Can Actually Be Used To Soothe Annoying Mosquito Bites!

It can do more than keep underarms smelling fresh.
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Aside from keeping your pits, breasts, and hands fresh and sweat-free, there are so much more ways you can use your deodorant like Kojie San's Sleeveless Ready Deodorant. Scroll below to find out the other ways we use the deo cream for:

  1. Soothe mosquito bites

    With summer just a few weeks away, those pesky mosquitoes are bound to come out. If they do end up biting you, avoid scratching them and swipe on a bit of deo on the affected area to soothe them and reduce swelling.

  2. Break in new shoes

    Applying a light layer of deodorant cream on the sole, midfoot, and ankles will provide lubrication to stop friction between your feet and shoes! By doing this before wearing a new pair, you can avoid those painful blisters.

  3. Prevent back sweat stains

    If deodorants can stop you from getting pit stains, they'll be able to do the same thing for your back! If you know you're going to a place with a hot and humid environment, apply antiperspirant on your back before heading out.

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  4. Stop glasses from sliding

    Swipe a bit of stick deodorant on the bridge of your glasses and on the bridge of your nose to stop the glasses from slipping.

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  5. Shimmy into skinny jeans

    Roll some deo on your legs before slipping into those skinny jeans to make wearing the pair easy AF.

  6. Prevent sweat behind the knees and the insides of elbows

    Sweating behind your knees and the insides of your elbows often lead to rashes, aka bungang araw. If you want to completely avoid this, rub deodorant on those areas.

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Kojie San Sleeveless Ready Deodorant is available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets for P100.


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