7 Classic Scents To Uplift Your Mood

From a romantic scent to a stress-relieving mist!

Fragrances are often meant to reflect your personality, but they can also affect your mood greatly. A few spritzes of perfume can make you feel more powerful; a light splash of a refreshing cologne can turn your gloomy mood into something brighter. That said, try these bottles that can keep the happy hormones coming!

Jo Malone Honeysuckle and Davana

This floral scent is great for days when you want to be serious, yet still feminine. You'll love how the fresh honeysuckle scent turns into a deep, sweet caramel scent after a few hours of wear.

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Jo Malone Honeysuckle and Davana Cologne, P3,900,30ml, P7,850/100ml, Greenbelt 5

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Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

You'll feel younger the moment you spray this luxe perfume. It's a light and refreshing scent that will remind you of the cologne you loved when you were still in grade school. The only difference is, its EDP formula will linger on until the evening.

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Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum, P17,000, Adora

Aveda Chakra 3 Balancing Pure-fume Mist Intention

When you're feeling stressed, mist this body spray on your pulse points and do a five-minute guided meditation. Alternatively, you can spray it all over your body, close your eyes, and just focus on your breathing for a minute. You'll feel better and calmer right after! I personally use this before bedtime so I can mentally and physically rest throughout the evening.

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Aveda Chakra 3 Balancing Pure-fume Mist Intention, P2,205, Greenbelt 5

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Eau de Parfum

Feel ultra femenin with this scent! It has grapefruit, honeysuckle, and mandarin notes that mellow down in a light floral fragrance. Tbh, this could be your next everyday scent because it's EDP formula lasts all day on the body.

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Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Eau de Parfum Spray, P6780/50ml, P9,490/100ml, Rustan's The Beauty Source

Tory Burch Bel Azur Eau de Parfum Spray

Banish a gloomy mood with a few whiffs of this citrus and floral fragrance. This has bergamot, neroli, and vetiver notes that remind you of sunny days at the beach.

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Tory Burch Bel Azur Eau de Parfum Spray, Greenbelt 5

Soleil Et Lune in Bridgette

Turn that frown into a smile with a few whiffs of this proudly Filipino-made fragrance. You'll never go wrong with citrus and floral notes!

Soleil Et Lune Fine Fragrance in Bridgette, P380/10ml, P780/30ml, P1,180/50ml, Ayala the 30th

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Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire

You'll fall in love with this romantic scent that's never overpowering. The pink peppercorn and sparkling citrus will get you into a spontaneous mood right away!

Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire Eau de Toilette, P2,898/25ml, P3,950/40ml, P5,080/65ml, Rustan's The Beauty Source

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