Facial Review: Peeling Without the Pain

We sent one of our Cosmo.ph contributors to try the CACI Face & Body Centre's Anti-Aging MD Dermatics Defy Facial. Here's the verdict.

I, like most women who've had facials before, know the familiar pricking procedure and the need to wear huge sunglasses afterwards to cover up the embarrassing redness on my way home. CACI’s Anti-Aging MD Dermatics Defy Facial claims to peel off dead skin cells and other impurities such as black heads without any pain and swelling, so naturally, I had to try it out.

The procedure started off with a cleansing massage that worked up a lather, which was gently wiped off with wet cotton pads. Then came the ultrasonic peeling, which was the part I dreaded most; it’s hard not to associate the word “peeling” with pain. But all I felt were gentle, ticklish vibrations as the metal hand piece went over my skin. This was done together with a pre-peeling solution, applied beforehand to soften the skin so the impurities and dead layers would readily come off.

My face was then toned and covered with MD Dermatics Collagen Nutrient Masque for 10 minutes to increase moisture, prevent wrinkles, and firm up the skin. This was followed by the MD Dermatics Vitamin C Serum to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protect against photodamage. To seal the whole procedure, the skin was calmed with a cool blue light. The entire facial lasted 45 minutes and cost P2,000 for non-members.

I left the place with a smoother, softer, and fresher complexion with minimized pores, and the satisfaction of having all that gunk off my face. The best part is that the whole session felt effortless. It was just like having a refreshing facial massage. It also left my skin devoid of the typical post-facial redness, so I could conveniently head off to meetings, appointments, or even dinner with the girls afterwards.

One of CACI’s bestsellers is the MD Dermatics Glow Facial, which is a 45-minute skin lightening treatment that finishes off with the PureLight Brightener to diminish pigmentation and give skin renewed brightness and clarity (45 minutes, P2,000). You can also try CACI’s Premium Non-Surgical Facelift, which uses micro-currents through a cotton-tipped actuator wand that stimulates and tones the 32 underlying facial muscles, re-educating them back to their original youthful positions with a series of movements from the therapist (75 minutes, P5,000).

CACI is located at the ground floor of the Retail Arcade, 6750 Building, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. To schedule an appointment, call (02)752-7828 or (0927)792-6636. For inquiries, email caci6750@gmail.com. For more info, visit caci6750.com.

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