Girl Crush: 5 Kikay Things We Learned From Miranda Kerr

The girl is flawless!

1. Resist the urge to blot your face.

We know reaching out for your blotting paper and face powder to keep oil at bay is an obsession, but a little shine—especially on your cheekbones—gives you a healthier, dewy glow. And you don't even need illuminating cream or a highlighter to give you that look. Just apply a little more moisturizer than usual to the apples of your cheeks, and blot your T-zone when you start to oil up, instead of your whole face.

2. Don't be afraid to wear something daring—like a crop top—even if you don't have Miranda's body.

Always pair a crop top with a high-waisted bottom, like a pair of denim cut-offs or a slimming pencil skirt. It's the easiest way to hide your puson!

3. Having a bad hair day? A chic top bun always works.

A top knot is the perfect model off-duty hairstyle. Apply curling mousse to the ends of your hair, and tie into a chic bun. The messier it is, the better! You can opt to have this 'do the whole day, or let it loose once you get in at work.

4. Going on a first date? Keep it casual.

Unless you're going to a fancy resto for a first date (Trust us, you're not), you may want to keep things cool and casual for dinner. You should wear sneaks if you want to wear sneaks. And no one will judge you if you decide to come in blue jeans and a tank top.

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5. Anticipating a long, busy day? Wear heels.

There's a reason why models walk the runway in heels. Wearing stilettos makes you more aware of your posture, so your back is straighter, and you appear more confident—even if deep down you want to strangle everyone at work, because you have five meetings.

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