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How To Apply Glitter Polish Without Multiple Layers

Best hack ever. And so simple!
PHOTO: YouTube/Kelli Marissa

If you’ve ever attempted to give yourself a manicure using glitter nail polish, you’ll fully understand the struggle of trying to get a dense coat every single time. I myself have tried to ~*prettify*~ a boring mani with a glittery accent nail here and there—only to promptly give up because I’d end up with just a few specks of glitter and TONS of layers of clear polish.

Those days may be over, however, after we came across this truly amazing hack that will give you super festive glitter manis for life. Vlogger Kelli Marissa’s clever trick seriously changes things—watch the video below:

Why did that never occur to us? Using a sponge to dab the glitter varnish on your nails is pure genius! That way, you can control the amount of glitter and exactly where you want them, while the sponge absorbs excess polish liquid that can make things goopy. Call us converts!

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