The Best Skincare Tips We Learned From Heart Evangelista

You better start applying moisturizer on your neck and hands tonight!

We bet you already know this, but it still bears repeating: Heart Evangelista has amazing skin. So during her guesting at Cosmo Beauty Block 2018, we couldn't resist asking her how she keeps it ~*smooth and radiant*~! Below, the best skincare tips we learned from Heart:

Use a thick cream for your neck and hands

Rule number one in taking care of your skin is to never neglect your neck as it's "the first to go." Since "there are no pores or oil there [in your neck] and it's dry, you really need to moisturize your neck and hands." Her tip? If you're done moisturizing your face and you have a bit left, apply it on your neck and hands upwards!

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Don't apply too much moisturizer on the oily parts of your face

While she loves her thicc night creams, especially around her eye area, Heart said she barely applies it on her T-zone! "Because I'm very oily here, so I easily break out. Tapos mainit pa, so it'll clog your pores. Wherever you break out, don't put so much moisturizer there."

Apply products in an upward motion

Everything is going down, according to Heart, so it's important to massage your face upwards. "Don't put so much weight [in your hands], kailangan talagang light." She added, "As long as you're very light[handed] with your skin, it's the best because [it can prevent] wrinkles."

Drink lots of water

Heart said she loves getting a tan, but she realized that as she got older, it causes a lot of wrinkles. The best remedy is to drink a lot of water! This classic tip is also something that flight attendants swear by when they're working!

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Sleep on your back

This is a tough one to follow because it's sometimes hard to control how you sleep. But Heart explained: "My mom taught me that when you sleepof course ang sarap talaga dumapa, right—but [this] will create wrinkles. So when I sleep, I put a pillow [on my head, on my right side, and on my left side] and I really sleep [facing up] like this." She said, "It really works because you're going against gravity."

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