How Often Should You *Really* Clean Your Feet?

You're probably not cleaning them as often as you should!

Serious question: how often should you really clean your feet? As in, apart from your monthly foot spa sessions, how often should you do it yourself?

In an interview with, Podiatrist Emma Supple from The College of Podiatry said that we should actually be cleaning our feet as often as we brush our teeth and wash our face—every day.

She elaborates, “Dirty feet spark irritation, [and] can cause calluses to form as well as more serious fungal, bacterial, and virus infections.” Yikes.

Here are some tips to keep your feet squeaky clean:

1. Scrub. Imagine the amount of germs and dirt that your feet catch as you walk around all day, especially if you’re into wearing sandals and slippers. Go get yourself a foot brush—a cheap toothbrush will work too—and use an anti-bacterial soap while you're at it. Don’t forget to get in between the toes, too.

2. Exfoliate. Just like the rest of your body, you want your feet to be free of dead skin. If you don’t want to buy a separate scrub for your foot, you can also use your facial scrub to get smoother and softer feet.

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3. Hydrate. After showering, make sure to always apply foot cream or lotion on your feet to keep them from getting dry. You can also try using foot masks every two weeks. For a cheaper alternative, slather on some petroleum jelly on your feet, focusing on your dry and cracked heels, put on socks, and leave them overnight. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be surprised how soft your feet are.

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4. Let your feet breathe. Don’t sleep with socks on every single night. Let your feet air out and breathe.

5. Always dry your feet properly. To stay away from infections, dry your feet with a towel (Especially in between toes!) before you slip on your shoes. Air drying won’t cut it.

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