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8 Ways To Deal With Stinky Feet

Keep 'em fresh and stink-free!
PHOTO: Nick Onken

Having stinky feet is one of the unfortunate realities that a lot of people have to face. However, with proper foot hygiene, you can keep your feet fresh and stink-free:

1. Really *clean* your feet.

If you want your feet to be really odor-free, simply washing them while you shower won’t cut it. Get rid of deep-seated dirt and dead skin by giving your steppers a good scrub every day. Use an anti-bacterial soap for best results. You can also opt to use a pumice stone or a foot brush (but an old toothbrush works well, too!) to exfoliate your skin.

2. ALWAYS let them dry completely.

Have a towel—or old t-shirt—that you use solely for your feet. Before you put on your shoes, dry your feet completely, especially in between your toes, to keep bacteria from forming. If your feet get really sweaty, try using a foot powder to keep the area dry.


3. Get yourself a foot deodorant.

Scout for an effective foot deodorant that you can use daily. They contain the same ingredients as your regular antiperspirants to keep your feet’s smell and sweat at bay. Another option you can try are foot sprays, which leave your feet smelling fresh all day long.  

4. Use socks!

Having the proper gear will also help your stinky feet dilemma. If you’re into wearing flats, use anti-bacterial foot socks or stockings—these are readily available in department stores! Opt for cotton socks, because they let your feet breathe better. Socks made of synthetic material like nylon can actually make your feet perspire more.

If you’re wondering just why you need socks, it’s because they keep your feet from sweating too much when you wear shoes. Before you go sockless to look ~*cool*~, remember that doing so will make your feet perspire more, which can lead to increased bacteria growth, stinky feet, and even infections. Gross.

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5. Try DIY foot soaks!

Saltwater, vinegar and water, and black tea are just some of the most popular foot soaks that have been found to remedy stinky steppers. If you feel like you need help, try these out!

6. Pick the right fit!

When your shoes don’t fit properly, you end up sweating more. Make sure to get yourself kicks that fit you well to prevent any foot-related problems.

7. Let your shoes breathe.

After taking off your shoes, store them in a well-ventilated area to air them out. Don’t throw them inside your dark closet—this will lead to more odor-causing germs. If you can, try not to wear the same pair of shoes every day to let them dry out completely.

8. Deodorize your kicks, too.

This trick is particularly useful for your gym shoes, because you sweat more when you wear them. Leave your shoes out in the open—under sunlight, if possible—and sprinkle some baking soda on the insides to deodorize them.


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