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How To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet

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Having smelly feet can be such a downer—it's embarrassing, and affects your confidence. (The horror of going shoe shopping!) But don't worry, we're here to help! Below are simple tips you can try to get rid of bad foot odor.

  1. Know the cause.

    Finding the root of the problem is key. Do your feet sweat too much because of ill-fitting shoes? Poor ventilation causes bacteria to form, eventually resulting to bad odor. Another culprit may be a fungus that is causing your steppers to smell.

  2. Practice good foot hygiene.

    It's important to get rid of the dirt on your feet and your toenails regularly. Trim the nails every three weeks and dig out the gunk in the toenail's sidewalls. The buildup in these grooves attribute to the bad odor. Also, don't repeat socks. Worn socks already have sweat, bacteria, and dead skin all over. G-R-O-S-S.

  3. Choose the right footwear.

    As mentioned earlier, tight footwear trigger extreme sweating. Choose a pair with enough wiggle room and made with breathable material. If you must wear PVC shoes (hello, rainy days), please wear fresh socks first. Please!

  4. Never wear shoes with your feet wet.

    Moist conditions trigger bacteria to populate. Make sure the areas between each toe and the insoles are dry before putting on shoes. Wipe with a towel or old shirt before sliding into your shoes.

  5. Deodorize!

    A cosmetic solution, but essential. Whether you use foot powder or a deodorizing spray, applying it on clean, dry feet will combat bad odor.

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  6. Medicate.

    If the smelly source is fungal, apply a clotrimazole cream on clean, dry feet prior to wearing footwear and before going to bed. While there are OTC treatments available in drugstores, we highly recommend that you see a General Physician first before self-medicating.

  7. Rotate your shoes.

    Your shoes have gone through a lot during the day. Like your feet, you should let your footwear breathe. The interiors are probably moist, so it is best to let them dry for a day before wearing them again. Good news: This is a legit reason to buy more shoes. ;)

If you've done everything and your feet still smell, it's time to get professional help from a General Physician or a podiatrist.

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