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Here's Why You Still Need To Do Your Skincare Routine Even If You're Indoors

The sudden lifestyle change may wreak havoc on your complexion.
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While staying indoors might sound like a valid excuse to cut down on your skincare routine, remember that you still need to give your skin enough TLC! It’s still adapting to life under quarantine. There will also be times when you need to go out and run some errands, and these sudden changes may affect your skin and its overall health. Even if you’re not directly exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays or outdoor air pollution on the daily, there are subtle factors at home that can also contribute to dry or oily skin and even breakouts. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Stressing about work and life can cause breakouts.

Dealing with so many changes this year isn’t easy. The daily stress we encounter can take a toll on our skin especially if we tend to cope through unhealthy habits such as sleeping late and binge-eating. These factors also contribute to acne breakouts. Learn how to deal with stress at your own pace starting with a pamper sesh using NIVEA Acne Clear Whip Foam. Treat this gentle cleanser as your daily essential because it helps refresh and relieve your skin from acne-causing dirt, oil, and other bacteria. Massage and let it foam on your face for some instant relaxation that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Consider it a self-care treat for your skin!

NIVEA Acne Clear Whip Foam, P169/100ml

2. Your face is still exposed to oil and dirt.

Even when you’re not wearing makeup at home, your face can still get dirty and oily. It is due to the humid weather or sweaty tasks on your to-do list. One quick fix is by gently patting the NIVEA Extra White Micellair Cleanser on your face. It has pearl and licorice extracts that help clear and brighten your skin. This cleanser lets your skin breathe and de-stress after a long day. It also works as a toner for your face (and even your underarms!) so you can prep your skin for other skincare products you have, like your go-to moisturizer! 

NIVEA Extra White Micellair Cleanser , P99/125ml

3. The blue light from your gadgets can cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Does your WFH setup give you more screen time? Studies suggest that too much exposure on your phone, laptop, tablet, and other digital devices may break down collagen and result to dull, tired skin. One way to combat this effect is by applying NIVEA Crème on your face. It helps keep your skin healthy and moisturized. For a cooling effect, store it in your fridge before use. Then, when it’s time for some pampering, combine this cool crème with your regular serum. Wear it overnight to give your tired skin enough recovery time so you can wake up feeling fresh and radiant.

NIVEA Crème, P149/60ml

4. Shaving or plucking might darken your underarms.

If you’re skipping hair removal appointments for now, your next option is probably shaving or plucking unwanted hair from your pits. But here’s the thing: These methods bring friction on your skin, resulting in uneven skin tone and rough texture or chicken skin. To help brighten and smoothen your hair-free underarms, try the NIVEA Extra Whitening Deodorant. It's packed with moisturizing ingredients that help even out pigmentation and texture. Remember that even when you’re just staying indoors, you still need to protect yourself from B.O. and up your hygiene game by putting on deo. This deo also saves you from sticky sweat, keeping your pits dry and fresh at home.

NIVEA Extra Whitening Roll-On Deodorant, P114/50ml

5. Showering can strip your skin's moisture.

While it's important to maintain good hygiene and take a bath regularly, research says that washing and scrubbing can actually cause dry, cracked skin. It’s because aside from removing bacteria, water also tends to strip the moisture from your skin. You don’t have to compromise your shower session. You just need to add lotion to your post-shower skincare routine! Slathering NIVEA Extra White Smooth and Firm Body Lotion helps repair dry skin and restore moisture. It has vitamin C which is also responsible for brightening, smoothening, and firming your complexion.

NIVEA Extra White Smooth and Firm Body Lotion, P249/250ml

6. Your AC can be responsible for those chapped lips.

It’s so mainit these days and we can’t really blame you for keeping the AC on. But do know that being in an air-conditioned room may have a drying effect on your skin, particularly on your lips! Your puckers are more sensitive than other parts of the skin. These have thin, delicate layer, making them more prone to dryness. Make sure to keep your lips moisturized with NIVEA Original Care Lip Balm. It has natural shea butter that helps soothe chapped lips and provides long-lasting moisture.

NIVEA Original Care Lip Balm, P99

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