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This Is How Kendall Jenner Keeps Bacne Away

It won't cost you a peso!
PHOTO: Instagram/kendalljenner

Pimples on your back can make you self-conscious of what you're wearing. Also, they can be itchy or painful when inflamed. If you're tired of expensive bacne treatments or covering up even when it's hot outside, resort to what Kendall Jenner does. 

According to Byrdie, dermatologist Christie Kidd, M.D. shared via Kenny's app that the model keeps bacne at bay by watching how she showers. Our backs tend to retain leftover hair conditioner even after rinsing off. This may clog the pores, causing bacne to form. A quick fix that Kidd suggests is to scrub the body again after you wash your locks. It's doable and cost-free!

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