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Kendall Jenner Was Body-Shamed For The Silliest Things

PHOTO: Instagram/kourtneykardash

It seems like whatever the Kardashians + Jenners do in life, they can't win. Case in point: Kendall Jenner was body-shamed for having a tan line and big feet. YES, REALLY.

Big sis Kourtney recently posted a photo of the two of them with friends, while wearing swimsuits and holding water guns. Clearly they were having a lot of ~fun~!

But, instead of just liking the post and leaving nice comments, trolls started criticizing everything about the photo. From Kendall's tan lines:

To her body:

To her feet (?????):

And some even said the photo was edited to make her legs look longer. (Kenny is a 5'10" model, so it shouldn't be surprising if she has legs for days.)

But the haters didn't stop with her, because why would they? They said a few nasty things about Jordyn Wood's body, too:

Some of them were probs really traumatized by Kendall's feet because when the model posted a different bikini photo on her Instagram account, people couldn't stop talking about them. Geez!!

Even if the KarJenners are used to the backlash and couldn't care less, any form of body-shaming or bullying isn't okay. Why don't we all just spread good vibes next time, okay? <3

H/t: Allure

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