Kendall Jenner Was Body-Shamed For The Silliest Things

PHOTO: Instagram/kourtneykardash

It seems like whatever the Kardashians + Jenners do in life, they can't win. Case in point: Kendall Jenner was body-shamed for having a tan line and big feet. YES, REALLY.

Big sis Kourtney recently posted a photo of the two of them with friends, while wearing swimsuits and holding water guns. Clearly they were having a lot of ~fun~!

But, instead of just liking the post and leaving nice comments, trolls started criticizing everything about the photo. From Kendall's tan lines:

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To her body:

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To her feet (?????):

And some even said the photo was edited to make her legs look longer. (Kenny is a 5'10" model, so it shouldn't be surprising if she has legs for days.)

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But the haters didn't stop with her, because why would they? They said a few nasty things about Jordyn Wood's body, too:

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Some of them were probs really traumatized by Kendall's feet because when the model posted a different bikini photo on her Instagram account, people couldn't stop talking about them. Geez!!

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Even if the KarJenners are used to the backlash and couldn't care less, any form of body-shaming or bullying isn't okay. Why don't we all just spread good vibes next time, okay? <3

H/t: Allure

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