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This Korean Skincare Trend Is All About Applying 7 Layers Of Toner

The result? Incredibly plump and moisturized skin.
PHOTO: YouTube/Dayeongs Beauty drawing

Take one look at Korean women’s complexions, and you’ll know they’re really on to something when it comes to caring for their skin. So while we tend to take many strange beauty trends we spot on the internet with a healthy dose of caution and skepticism, we’re always optimistic about tips and tricks coming straight from South Korea.

The newest trend to enter mainstream consciousness? The "7 skin method." It’s a hack that requires you to put on seven layers of toner (Korean brands use the words "toner" and "skin" interchangeably), one after the other, for an intensely hydrating boost. Needless to say, it’s also meant to give you that enviable glow often seen on Korean actresses and idols. Here’s a super informative video (with English subs!) to get you started:

According to Sarah Lee, CEO and founder of Glow Recipe, an American retailer of natural Korean beauty products, "The idea behind the 7 layers is that the moisture level of skin can be increased in an efficient and effective way without the heaviness or greasiness that may come from traditional creams and oils." Korean toners tend to be watery and easily absorbable, so we can see why this would be a good option even for oily skin types.

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Application methods vary. Sarah prefers using her hands to warm up the product before patting it in, while the common way of dabbing with a cotton pad applies, too. BUT limit the use of a cotton pad to the first layer, as rubbing your face multiple times with something textured will irritate it. Over at Asian Beauty Reddit, user Pookypoo suggests transferring some toner to a spray bottle and misting your face with it—lazy girls, are you paying attention?

Our takeaway? The climate in the Philippines is extremely hot and humid, and thick, heavy creams aren't always a good option. So toner applied in lightweight layers could give you the moisture you need, minus the sticky, oppressive feeling. Of course, remember to adapt this trick according to your own skin type. If you’re the type to look oily by midday, you might want to save this for nighttime, when having the air-conditioner on full blast can suck out the moisture from your skin. Or you could lessen the number of layers—YouTube vlogger Daeyong switches up between three and seven layers, depending on how her skin feels at that moment. And if your skin has been extra parched and dehydrated lately, seven layers of toner might just be the trick to rejuvenate it!

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