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We've Been Using Korean Sheet Masks The Wrong Way!

PHOTO: YouTube/Janine Chang

We’re obsessed with Korean sheet masks. (Remember our 7-day challenge?) We love how they leave our skin soft and smooth after every use. We love how satisfying it is to peel off after leaving it on for much longer than we were told. (LOL!) We love how they smell. We love them.

But if we were to name one thing we can’t stand about sheet masks, it would have to be how messy it can be to get the extra essence out of the packet. (We hope you do this, because the essence is where all the good stuff is!) Most of the time, we end up with sticky essence on our shirts and sheets. Sayang.

Then, we discovered the most amazing hack from the Asian Beauty thread on Reddit. User NYC_Dog Rescuer shares:

"I was looking at stuff on eBay (because I have no willpower whatsoever,) and a random listing had this Korean video that I now can't find, of course (but will link once I do.)How I normally sheet mask is I take the mask out, put it on my face, then decant the remaining essence left in the pouch, and if my skin loves it, I use it as part of my routine however many times I can; otherwise, I use it under my hand cream at night.Now, what the girl in the video does is she cuts off the corner of the pouch, squeezes out the essence, puts it on her face, then opens the pouch fully so that she can take out the mask, and she puts it on her face - which is already drenched in all the extra essence.I tried it with a mask last night and holy snails, it was awesome! My face seemed to be able to eat up all that extra essence, and it was uber-soft the following morning.Of course, this post would have made a lot more sense if I still had the link to the video, plus I might be the only noob for whom this is a novelty; if this isn't the way you have been sheet masking, though, try it! It. Is. Awesome."


MIND. FREAKING. BLOWN. Of course! Why didn’t we think of this sooner?!

Based on the comments, this is really how Korean women use their sheet masks, so we’re just really late to the sheet mask party. But hey, better late than never, yeah? Doing this from now on!

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