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How To Store Expensive Pabango So Its Scent Won't Fade

Make your signature scent last!
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When you've shelled out thousands of pesos on a fancy fragrance, you want to make sure that its scent stays fresh after a few years. Because like most things in beauty, perfumes sadly have an expiration dateand you'll know it right away when your fragrance seems "off." Perfumes that have moved past their prime tend to have a heavy, musky scent (top notes like citrus and floral are first to evaporate) and other times, you'll notice a discoloration in the liquid, too. 

According to Refinery 29, with proper storage, "most fragrances remain potent for three to five years." So if you want to prolong your expensive perfume's scent (or avoid speeding up its lifespan), try these storage tips below:

  1. Don't lose the cap (or leave it open for too long.)

    Because simply put, "sisingaw 'yong amoy." According to Pop Sugar, "Scents that are alcohol-based have a rapid rate of evaporation once they're exposed to air." The same rule applies to those perfumes without caps! Be sure to keep it sealed through its unique lock.

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  2. The darker the storage, the better.

    Like a bottle of wine, perfumes are best stored in cool, dark places where direct sunlight can't break down the fragrance's molecules. Store them inside your drawer or your bedroom cabinet. This storage tip is all the more necessary for those who leave their luxe fragrances behind and only spritz them for special occasions.

  3. Keep them out of the bathroom.

    The humid temperature and steam in your bathroom cause the oils in your perfume to break down, and this can lessen its quality.

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  4. Pay attention to the size of the bottle.

    Ever wondered why your half-used bottle of perfume isn't as potent as when you bought it? It's mainly because the air inside the bottle oxidizes the fragrance.

    Tip: Splurge on a smaller bottle if you tend to reserve your luxe fragrances for special occasionsor invest in a musky, woody scent. Fresh floral or citrus-based scents tend to evaporate faster (which make them more ideal for daily use) compared to oriental perfumes with heavier base notes like musks and woods that smell even better as they age.