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The Sexiest Scents To Wear On Valentine's Day

These will leave you (and your date) wanting more.

Got a date for this upcoming Valentine's Day? Try one of these perfumes to help you feel your sexiest and most confident self!

  1. Givenchy L'Interdit

    Its white floral notes are interlaced with dark hints of vetiver and patchouli. The combination results in a fearless, bright scent that's perfect for anyone. 

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    Givenchy L'Interdit, Price available upon request, SM Beauty

  2. Lanvin Eclat de Nuit

    A warm, sensual, and fruity fragrance that will leave those who wear it (and smell it) wanting more. ;)

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    Lanvin Eclat de Nuit, P3,598/50ml, Rustan's The Beauty Source

  3. Whiff Mango Verde Eau De Parfum

    Its sweet, citrus notes mixed with a white musk base creates a yummy deep scent that's so addictive!

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    Whiff Mango Verde Eau De Parfum, P395/30ml, Retail Lab

  4. Tom Ford Private Blend Lost Cherry Eau De Parfum

    This wittily-named fragrance combines black cherry, bitter almond oil, griotte syrup, Turkish rose, Perum balsam, and roasted tonka to create a perfume that's both deep and playful!

    Tom Ford Private Blend Lost Cherry Eau De Parfum, P17,000/50ml, Rustan's Makati

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  5. Simoy Ng Haraya Kilig Eau De Toilette

    This spicy lemon-meets-rose scent will rejuvenate your senses and, as the name says, make you feel kilig!

    Simoy Ng Haraya Kilig Eau De Toilette, P550/50ml,

  6. Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria Eau De Parfum

    FYI, fresh and floral perfumes can make you feel sexy, too! Just look at  (or take a whiff of) Endless Euphora. It combines the right ingredients—such as cherry blossoms, mandarin, bergamot, and bamboo—to create a smell that'll intoxicate you the moment it hits your nose.

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    Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria Eau De Parfum, P4,845/125ml, Lazada

  7. Parfvm Leather Infusion

    You only need a small amount of this sweet yet heavy fragrance to exude power and confidence! 

    Parfvm Leather Infusion, P500,

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