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Scarlet Playing Derma Is The Most Precious Thing You'll See Today

'Daddy, is it awwiee?'
PHOTO: Instagram/victoria_belo

Obviously, two-year-old Scarlet Snow Belo-Kho is destined to be a great dermatologist. Her parents, Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho (both practicing dermas to the stars), have already given her a quick, informal hands-on lesson on skincare ~procedures~. Daddy Hayden was having his back cleaned by Mommy Vicki—yes, it's quite TMI, but Scarlet's reactions were precious.

When Vicki pressed a pimple on Hayden's back, Scarlet exclaimed, "Hey, daddy said ouch!" She also observed certain areas of her dad's back that might need extra care. "I'm just checking, daddy," she told her mom. Clearly, our baby derma is looking out for her patient! Oh, can we also talk about how she handled the pimple-popping tool like a pro? Such a cutie!

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