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Skin Solutions: Pimples

Learn how to zap those zits with these derma-approved tips.

Every girl has had her fair share of pimples. Dr. Jacqueline So, MD, a dermatologist we consulted at Skin Inc., gives us the lowdown on this beauty issue.

Question: How do you get rid of pimples quickly and safely?

Dr. So: If you really must pop, the only pimples you can pop are the ones with the white tip. What you can do is disinfect your hands thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol, and then use two clean cotton swabs to squeeze the puss out. A lot of pimples are also nodules and cysts underneath the skin, which you can’t pop. If you try to pop them, they will become more inflamed and become larger. It’s better not to touch them. Instead, go to the dermatologist to inject them with an anti-inflammatory so they'll go away faster and not leave you with scars.

There’s no actual treatment for pimples. You can only do things to control breakouts. For example, you can apply benzoyl peroxide to dry up the zits. Or use tretinoin-based products [to encourage skin renewal]. You can also use glycolic acids and antibiotics to treat a pimple, but you’ll need a prescription from a doctor.

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