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So You Want To Get Your Brows Threaded?

There will be pain, but it's okay.

Q: “Hi Cosmo! I’m thinking of getting my brows shaped for the first time soon. I’m leaning more towards getting them threaded because I am terrified of wax. Any tips?”

A: I am so excited for you! Getting your brows shaped is such an important beauty move and I think it should be considered as a rite of passage of sorts. Just kidding. Or not.

First of all, you have to be selective about the threading place that you will go to. (We have a list of our favorites here.) Search for reviews online and ask your friends about their recommendations. Make sure to call up the salon to ask if they require reservations, too. Remember, we’re talking about your eyebrows here. If they screw it up, you’ll be the one who’ll have to deal with it, so really do your research.

Before going to your appointment, it’s better to have minimal or no makeup at all on your face. Plus, the aesthetician will clean the area first, so sayang rin. Another tip I have is to skip wearing contacts on the day of your appointment—they might just end up moving around your eye while you're having the procedure done. 

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Do expect to feel a bit of pain during the session—even if you have high pain tolerance. Don’t be afraid to tell your aesthetician to pause for a while if you can’t handle the pain anymore. Your eyes will get watery, and you might feel like crying, but that’s fine. She’ll also ask you to pull down your eyelid so she can get a nice, clean cut on your brows. So wearing eye makeup will really be useless, because you might just end up smudging it.  

Don’t be shy to be really specific about how much hair you want threaded. Some places offer full brow shaping, meaning they will change the shape of your brows to one that will suit your face shape. I recommend doing this if it’s your first time to get your brows done. For your next trips, go for brow cleaning instead. This just means that they’ll remove and trim stray hairs from the brow area, without touching the shape of your arches.

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Brow threading only usually lasts 10-15 minutes. You might experience redness around the area after, so ask the aesthetician for some soothing cream or gel.

You should also know that you shouldn’t apply ANYTHING—even water—on your brow area for at least four hours after you get your brows threaded. Your pores will be open, so you're more prone to infection.

Wait for at least two weeks before you go back to get a touchup. If you see hair starting to grow, don’t even think about grabbing a razor to shave it off—you might give yourself ingrown hairs. If the stray hairs bother you so much, tweeze them instead.

Also, don’t expect to have brows that are perfectly symmetrical. That’s just really creepy. Your brows are sisters, not twins!

That’s it! Applying brow makeup will be much easier now. Trust me when I say that it will change your life forever. Good luck!

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