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The 15 Things You Need To Stash Inside Your Office Drawer

Here's a list of items to tuck away in that empty space.

Do you have an extra drawer in your office cubicle? Instead of filling it up with junk food and munchies (we can read your mind, CGs!), organize a stash of beauty essentials. You never know when you need a touch-up for an emergency meeting, post-work dinner date, or last-minute party, so you should always be on top of your beauty game. 

1. Toiletry set. The average office employee spends about 9 hours a day at the office—that’s more than 1/3 of your day without even counting overtime, so think of your office as your home away from home. Since not all office bathrooms provide basics such as soap and toilet paper, it’s best to have your own stash. Instead of buying travel-sized versions, go for full-sized hand sanitizers, hand cream, hand wash, baby wipes, deodorant, and extra rolls of toilet paper.

2. Oral hygiene set. Keep a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss picks, and a pack of breath mints that come in handy after a lunch out or when your office crush is about to pass by.

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3. Basic makeup kit. Unless you already carry a complete daily kikay kit, organize a mini makeup kit with the following: concealer (to hide the dark eye circles caused by sleepless nights or overtime at work), mascara or black eyeliner (perfect for touch-ups), oil absorbing papers (to get rid of the midday shine), neutral palette eyeshadow (it’s buildable, so it can go from day to night), and a hydrating lipstick or lip gloss in a versatile shade.

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4. Hair clips and elastics to save your from sudden bad hair days or when you feel the need to change your look.

5. All-around hair product. Choose a hair cream or serum that can moisturize, tame frizzy or baby hairs, and style your mane.

6. Scarf or sweater. You never know when the A/C temperature goes berserk. Leave a sweater or scarf tied to your seat, but make sure you have it laundered at least every two weeks because it can accumulate dust and other office germs.

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7. Perfume. If you’re iffy about leaving an expensive bottle of your favorite perfume in the office, it’s time to put those sachets and freebie samples to use.

8. Desk mirror. The public bathroom mirror just won’t do, especially if you want to perfect that last-minute smoky eye for tonight’s party.

9. Emergency party heels. Take your cue from classic movie scenes where the office girl grabs a pair of stilettos from her officer drawer and heads straight to the party. Choose a color that can go with any outfit, such as black or nude, and go for an unbranded bargain pair that you won’t mind leaving at the office.

10. Ballet flats or flip-flops. If you’re the type who wears heeled pumps to work, your feet will want to take a break at the end of a long day. Opt for the foldable, easy to stash versions.

11. Lint roller, especially if you have pets at home. Keep one in your car or office desk.

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12. Mini sewing kit. Just grab that free sewing kit from your last hotel vacation.

13. Emergency medicine kit, especially if there’s no drugstore near your office or if your house is far from work. Include 2-4 pieces of generics such as Paracetamol and cold tablets, your prescription meds, some Band-Aids in case you get blisters, and all-in-one booboo creams. Make sure to refill when your stash is empty.

14. Nail clipper with built-in nail file. You never know when you’ll get emergency hangnails or chipped nails.

15. Style hack tools. Take it from fashion stylists—there are everyday office items that you can use to fix emergency style blunders. A stapler can temporarily mend a broken shoe strap, while a double adhesive tape can secure plunging necklines and prevent blouse gaps. See what other multi-purpose office tools you can use.

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