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The Busy Girl's Nighttime Beauty Guide


For busy girls, nighttime is sacred. It’s the only time when one can relax, recharge, and get ready for another day of hustling hard. To help prep for hectic days, stick to a solid skincare routine so you can wake up to a glowing and radiant complexion.

1. Have a relaxing shower.

Taking a warm shower an hour or two before bed can instantly reduce stress, relax the muscles, and alleviate minor aches. Use a floral-scented body wash that will leave your skin smelling fresh and moisturized after a long day.


LUX Magical Spell Body Wash, P120/250mL, Watsons

2. Take care of your pearly whites.

We recommend using a toothpaste filled with ingredients that work while you sleep, so you can wake up with fresher breath.

Dentiste Toothpaste, P289/160g, Watsons

3. Moisturize all over.

Restore your skin’s firmness by slathering on a nourishing body lotion before heading to bed.

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Avon Skin So Soft Advance White with Stem Essence Hand & Body Lotion, P390, Avon 

4. Treat your locks.

Spritz an oil mist on damp hair to add volume and shine to dry-looking locks. If you have more time, air-dry your hair (you can also use a blow dryer), spray the product on your ends, and put it up in a bun before sleeping. The end result? Full and shiny bombshell waves the next day.


Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil Mist for Fine Hair, P2,400/100mL

5. Amp up your skincare.

After applying your night moisturizer, pat on an overnight facial oil to help repair your skin. Aside from locking in more moisture, a potent face oil will relieve your skin from the damage caused by sun exposure and pollution.


Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins Skin Refining Oil, P2,100/30mL, SM Megamall

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