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The Correct Way To Apply Your Facial Oil

Do NOT rub it in.

It’s pretty understandable why a lot of people are terrified of using facial oils. I mean, think about it, you work so hard to try to keep your face oil-free the whole day, and along comes Miranda Kerr who swears facial oils are what give her glowing skin. WTF, right?

However, know that facial oils won’t necessarily lead to oilier skin, especially if applied the right way.

The key is to not massage it onto your skin as you would a regular moisturizer. Apply a few drops of your chosen facial oil onto the palm of one hand and then lightly rub your hands together. Then go ahead and gently pat on the oil onto your skin. If you still have excess product on your hand, give yourself a hand massage to hydrate and nourish your nails.

That’s it! What’s your favorite facial oil, CGs?

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