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The Many Ways You Can Use Your Facial Oil

Other than on your face, of course.

Now that you’re obsessed with the facial oil that has done an amazing job rescuing your skin, it’s time to be a little more adventurous and explore what other things it can do for you.

1. Cuticle softener. After patting on your facial oil, take the excess product and rub it on your nail beds. You’ll instantly notice that your hands look more polished and hydrated. Do the same for your feet. Suffering from callouses? Use a few drops of your facial oil and massage the affected area—this will soften it and make removal easier.

2. Split end repair. Run a bit of oil through your locks to lightly hydrate them. Concentrate on the ends.

3. Makeup remover. Your harsh, chemical-laden makeup remover can contain ingredients that are drying out your skin. To melt away stubborn waterproof makeup, take a few drops of your facial oil and massage it on your eye area before wiping everything off with a cotton pad. You can also use the same trick for long-wear lipstick.

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4. Exfoliator. Take a bit of brown sugar and add a few drops of oil—jojoba will work best—for an instant scrub that you can use on your face and lips. Because brown sugar melts as you rub it, you won’t have to worry about over-exfoliating. Plus, unlike store-bought scrubs, this DIY facial scrub won’t leave your skin feeling dry.

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5. Highlighter. If you have dry skin, you want to stay away from powder highlighters, because they’ll end up looking cakey on the high points of your face. If you don’t have a liquid highlighter, place a tiny amount of facial oil on your fingertips and pat it onto the areas you wish to highlight. You’ll be left with a gorgeous dewy finish.

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