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The New Beauty Resolutions For 2015

Find out which beauty habits you should ditch and totally keep.

Want to make 2015 your best beauty year ever? Then set aside a few minutes to take inventory of your beauty habits and see which ones are working for you and which ones aren’t.

P.S. It can help you save some money, too!

Ditch: Buying beauty products you never use.

Take a look at your bathroom shelf or dresser and check out what you’re not using. If you have a lot of moisturizers that are half-full or mascara tubes that are just drying out, then quit buying them and invest in products that you’ll actually make use of on a daily basis.

Keep: Indulging in pamper sessions.

You’re a hard worker, CG. This means that you should make it a point to schedule something special each month to help you relax and feel even more beautiful. Set an appointment at a posh nail salon or with your favorite hairdresser. If you’re feeling burnt out, why not try a monthly massage at a real spa? You’ll be surprised at how rejuvenating it can be and how it can help you feel more motivated at work.


Ditch: Leaving the house with wet hair.

If you don’t have time to dry your strands in the morning, then just wash your hair at night. Aside from the fact that dripping hair is a dirt magnet, it doesn’t make you appear professional when you step into the office, too. You’re not in grade school anymore, so if you want to make a good impression and get promoted, you’re going to have to step up your hair game.

Keep: Giving in to lola-mode and sleeping early.

Sometimes, it’s really, really okay—especially if you’re dead tired or have been working OT all week. Stay in, put on your eye mask, and get your beauty rest. You totally deserve it! Need more motivation? Snoozing early is a great anti-aging technique—it gives your skin more time to regenerate and it’s the best way to banish dark circles, too!

Ditch: Never experimenting with your look. 

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Take a look at your recent Instagram #selfies. Are you always wearing the same lipstick color? Is your hair always styled the same way? If you answered yes, then it’s time to change it up! Try a new hair cut or experiment with different ways to apply blush. Simple beauty tweaks can make big improvements in your confidence and ’tude, so you’ve got nothing to lose!


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