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The Facial Slimming Procedure That Will Change Your Life

Fat cheeks, begone!

It sounds really hard to believe, but what if we told you we tried a facial procedure that will slim your cheeks and tighten your pores, minus surgery or injections? Oh, and in 15 minutesmaybe 30 minutes, tops. Galing, no?

It's called the ShrinkAge Treatment, a non-surgical procedure that uses an infrared light device to contour and shape problem areas like the neck, arms, legs, abdomenand in our case, the face!

The technician applies cooling gel on a certain area, and then makes the laser rest there for about 3-5 seconds. She then moves on to the next spot, until she treats your entire face. The only area she won't touch is your nose.

The laser gets deep inside your skin to enable collagen production to increase. The result is instant: Tighter pores, a slimmer face (we're not kidding), and minimal wrinkles—noticeable right after the procedure. There's no downtime, but depending on how sensitive your skin is, you may experience some mild swelling or redness. But don't worry, it goes away after 24 hours.

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The catch is you have to get the treatment done every month for four months. After that, you just have to keep coming back twice a year for maintenance. Okay, and it's not exactly cheap either. Each procedure will set you back P9,000.

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Plus, you have to admit, no matter how many workouts you do, if you have fat cheeks, you have fat cheeks. So it's a procedure you might want to consider.

The ShrinkAge Treatment is exclusively available at the Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics Center. Call 491-0000 /0917-5724684 to book an appointment, and visit for treatment options.