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The Surprising Reason You Have Oily Skin

Quit blaming the heat already!

Most Pinays always complain that their skin type is oily, but guess what? It might actually be dry. A quick way to check: Observe how your skin feels post-wash. Is it tight, itchy, or uncomfortable? Then we hate to break it to you, but your skin type is most definitely on the dry side.

The Beauty Lowdown

When your skin is dry, your body actually compensates by producing more oil to keep it hydrated—and that’s why you think it's extra greasy. The solution is to keep your skin as balanced as possible by switching to a gentle facial wash (soap will dry it out even more) and making sure that you always apply a lightweight moisturizer at least once a day to make sure your skin doesn’t get parched.

It’s a must if you’re working in an air-conditioned office all day!

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