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How To Survive The Summer Heat, Especially If You Sweat A Lot

Keep yourself stink-free, even under the sweltering sun.

1. Be smart about the placement of your perfume.  

This one’s an old trick! Placing your perfume in key spots can really prolong the wear of it. Halle Berry swears by spritzing her perfume between her thighs, because the heat down there can intensify the scent. Eventually, the scent will rise up, so you end up smelling good everywhere. For the summer, we recommend going for lighter, fresher pabangos instead of the usual sexy and musky ones. 

2. Shower every day!

Body odor is caused by bacteria found on the skin. Fix this by taking regular showers to keep your skin fresh and clean. Sometimes, B.O. can be caused by stress, hormones, and even medications you’re taking. Try to trace the cause of it and fix it from there.

3. Don’t skip deodorant

Even when you’re rushing in the A.M., swipe on a deo that will take care of your pits while keeping bad body odor away.

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4. Come prepared

Throw in a pack of tissues or a handkerchief in your purse to wipe away sweat—no one wants to look like a hot mess! Also consider bringing baby wipes to refresh yourself when it just gets too hot midday.

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5. Get a cooling face mist

Face mists are the best for setting your makeup, but they’re also pretty handy when it comes to cooling you down. Just remember to use them the right way, though! Hold the bottle at least six inches away from your face and spritz it on. Let it set for a few seconds then take a tissue and pat your face dry.

6. Carry a foot spray

Dealing with stinky feet? Use a foot spray! Before wearing your shoes—or slipping on socks—spritz foot spray on your dry feet. When you get home at night, take off your shoes and refresh your feet by spraying some more again.

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7.  Mind your hair

Sometimes, the smell of a certain place—like a fast food joint or your office pantry—clings on to your locks. Fix this by using a hair perfume that will mask smells, until you can wash your hair again. It will also work on days when you don’t wash your tresses, and you’re left with the amoy anit scent.

8. Freshen up down there

Carry a pack of feminine wipes or use panty liners which you can change regularly.

9. Carry gum

If you don’t have time to brush your teeth or gargle some mouth wash, choose sugar-free mints or gum to keep your breath smelling fresh.

10. Match your lotion with your body splash

These don’t come in sets for no reason. Try using a lotion that has the same scent as your body splash to smell amazing all day long.

What are your hacks to stay and smell fresh under the summer heat? Let us know by commenting below!

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